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Public Inquiries

Harry Counsell provides transcription, audio recording, and translation for public inquiries. We have covered extensive, high-profile public inquiries including the Thames Gateway Bridge inquiry, the Stonehenge inquiry, the Bathside Bay Container Terminal inquiry, and the Mottram/Tintwistle Bypass inquiry.

Transcription, audio recording and more

Harry Counsell provides a complete service to support public inquiries across the UK and Europe. We offer:

Serving leading law firms and government departments

Harry Counsell provides reporters, translators and audio recording for public inquiries across the UK. We boast high levels of skill, experience and security clearance. Our experienced court reporters provide a neutral, unobtrusive and professional presence.

We work with speed and accuracy. We can provide the transcript in real time or at the end of each day.

Local presence

Our stenographers, technicians and language interpreters are based in major cities across the UK. Whenever possible, we supply staff who are local to your inquiry. This helps to keep travel costs at a minimum.
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