Serving the Legal Profession: 150 Years of Expertise


Harry Counsell provides a complete service for US law firms taking depositions in London and across the UK. We are the supplier of choice for the US Embassy, US Government departments and many major law firms.

Transcription, videography and more

Harry Counsell provides a complete service to support depositions taken by American attorneys in London and elsewhere in the UK. We offer:

Serving the US Embassy and major law firms

Harry Counsell provides stenographers to the US Embassy in London and to US Government departments taking depositions in the UK, including the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). We have been serving these clients for more than 20 years.

We boast high levels of skill, experience and security clearance. We are also DUNS registered in order to work with US Government departments.

Local presence

Our stenographers, videographers and language interpreters are based in major cities across the UK. Whenever possible, we supply staff who are local to your deposition. This helps to keep travel costs at a minimum.
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