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Harry Counsell provides transcription, audio recording, and translation for arbitrations. We support arbitrations at all levels, including international arbitrations between nations. We work in dozens of centres across the UK and Europe, including London, The Hague and Brussels.

Transcription, audio recording and more

Harry Counsell provides a complete service to support arbitrations across the UK and Europe. We offer:

Serving leading arbitrators and law firms

Harry Counsell provides reporters, translators and audio recording for arbitrations in a variety of jurisdictions. We boast high levels of skill, experience and security clearance. Our experienced court reporters understand the sensitivity surrounding arbitrations and provide a neutral, unobtrusive and professional presence.

Confidentiality and data security are at the core of what we do. We regularly work with highly sensitive information for clients such as the Competition Commission and the Serious Fraud Office.

We work with speed and accuracy. We can provide the transcript in real time or at the end of each day.
We also understand the administrative complications surrounding arbitrations. For example, if you need to divide the cost of transcription among multiple parties, we provide independent billing to make the process easier.
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