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We provide accurate, reliable legal translation for the Legal 500, government departments and the corporate sector. We provide a full range of language services, working from any type of document or audio and any format. We also provide certified or sworn translations.

Our Service

Fluency and accuracy in any language

We translate to and from more than 70 languages (including a large range of so-called ‘hard to find languages’). Our project management approach and international network of offices allows us to meet very challenging deadlines.

  • Contract translation requires meticulous attention to detail. We use guides and glossaries to ensure consistency.
  • Evidence and court document translation: we translate court transcripts, summons, complaints, immigration and nationality documents, birth, marriage and death certificates – everything required to support legal proceedings.
  • Audio translation: translated recordings of interviews, phone calls, voice mail, and police surveillance.
  • Back-translation is used after interviews or court hearings. It demonstrates whether an interpreter rendered the conversation with the witness or interviewee correctly or not.
  • Foreign language transcription: a transcript of any language in its original language. We can also then translate the transcript into English or another language.
  • Multi-language video subtitling for depositions or court hearings when an interviewee speaks a different language from counsel or jury.

Translation involves rendering the written word into another language. Interpretation, sometimes called ‘simultaneous translation’, involves rendering the spoken word into another language during a meeting or hearing. We also provide interpreters in all world languages.

What makes Harry Counsell different?

Our translators have the right skills and experience to create translations that are both fluent and accurate. Many have formal qualifications in translation as well as specialisations in particular subject areas. We will always match your translation to the translator best qualified to handle the material.

We take a sophisticated project management approach to translation, which means that when time is tight, we can divide the document among our team of translators, working under the guidance of a project manager, to meet your deadlines.

We use advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to build glossaries specific to each client. This means that certain words or phrases will always be translated consistently from one project to the next – essential to ensure accuracy when dealing with contract translation, for example.

Our satisfied clients come back to us again and again. Read more about our values.

Any type of document, any format

We translate from Word, PowerPoint, hard copy, PDF, or any other written format. We work from audio, too. If you require the output in a particular format, we provide a typesetting service.

How we work

When you contact us, your account manager will work with you to understand your requirements and advise you on the best solution. We will provide you with a transparent estimate of price. Then our assigners put appropriately skilled and qualified legal translators on the job. After quality-checking, your document is delivered on time. If you require revisions, we’ll make them immediately.

Data security and confidentiality underpin the whole process.
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