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Interpreting Equipment

High quality in-house interpreting equipment and support

Very few translation companies are able to provide their own interpreting equipment, and very few equipment hire companies are able to provide skilled interpreters.

Uniquely, Harry Counsell does both. Harry Counsell works with its sister company Westminster Sonus, widely recognised as the UK’s premier provider of simultaneous interpreting equipment. We are the only UK representative of the Bosch Conference Rental Network, dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment and service.

By providing interpreters, interpreting equipment and technical expertise, Harry Counsell offers an end-to-end Simultaneous Interpreting service.

What equipment do you need?

For Simultaneous Interpreting, three types of equipment work together.

  • Interpreters’ booths: interpreters work in pairs in soundproof glass booths. Our modular portable interpreters’ booths are easily transported and quickly assembled on site by our technicians.
  • Conference microphone systems: delegates’ speech is captured by conference microphones. The sound is fed to the interpreters in their booths and can also be amplified if the venue is large.
  • Wireless headsets: delegates listen to their own language on comfortable wireless headsets. Each language has its own channel on the headsets.
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