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We provide highly qualified language interpreters in every world language. Our interpreters are bilingual to mother-tongue standard in their designated languages and specialise in legal interpreting. Whether you need a dozen languages for a major conference or one interpreter for a meeting or court case, we offer the same professional service.

Our Service

Bridge language barriers with ease

The words 'translation' and 'interpretation' are often used interchangeably. Technically, translation refers to the written word; interpreting involves the spoken word. As well as being fluent, legal interpreters must be experienced and specialise in legal terminology.

We offer:

What makes Harry Counsell different?

As you would expect, our interpreters are accurate and fluent, with the right qualifications and experience for specialised legal work. At your meeting or hearing, they are professional and discreet and bound by a commitment to confidentiality. We take great care to ensure the interpreters have all the background material they need to prepare well. The interpreters are supported by a responsive account management team who ensure that our service meets your needs.

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Local Presence

Our interpreters are based in major centres across the UK and Europe. We always try to match your meeting to the nearest qualified interpreter to minimise travel costs. We use our international network of offices to support your international meetings. Our local presence also helps us meet your needs at short notice.

How we work

When you contact us, your account manager will work with you to understand your requirements and advise you on the best solution. Then our assigners put appropriately skilled and qualified legal interpreters on the job. If you need interpreting equipment our technicians will set up and run it so your meeting goes smoothly.
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