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Four-Track Digital Courtroom Recording

Court hearings, arbitrations and tribunals

We offer the latest technology in four-track audio recording. Our proprietary system is portable and can be set up in any venue. It is used for court hearings, arbitrations and tribunals. We supply you with the digital recording, a transcript of the recording, or both.

How it works

In a typical courtroom setting, we use separate microphones for judge, witness, and the two counsel. The four-track recording allows a listener or transcriber to amplify each speaker while cutting out background noise. This gives the best possible understanding of the hearing, even when there is cross-talk.

For tribunals, we can hire the equipment to the tribunal itself or (with the permission of the tribunal) to users of the tribunal who require a recording. We provide this service to the Lands Tribunal, the Asylum and Immigration Appeal Tribunal, the VAT Tribunal, and the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.
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